LCR Honda CASTROL replacement rider Iker Lecuona has finished 16th at the Grand Prix of Catalunya.

Undoubtedly, it was one of the craziest races of the season since the beginning: at the sighting lap, Lecuona crashed after losing the front, had to return to the box, swapped bikes, and got to the grid with the wet-setup bike.
Once there, in less than 16 minutes, the crew completely changed the setup, tyres, and the different parts to start the race. To add more tension, a red flag on the first lap due to multiple crashes forced the MotoGP riders to return to the pits and restart later. Lecuona carried out a solid second start, recovered some positions, and crossed the line 16th in the end.

Iker Lecuona 16th

“I’d like to thank the team for the amazing job they did on the grid changing everything on the bike, as that one was ready for wet conditions. Regarding the crash, I didn’t do anything differently, the front end got closed and I ended up on the gravel. After the restart of the race, I pushed and tried my best”.