LCR Honda CASTROL rider Alex Rins has finished 9th at the Grand Prix of Argentina.

Starting from the 12th spot on the grid and facing a wet race, Alex immediately showed considerable potential and a solid pace. He was fighting for the Top5 when twelve laps to the end of the race, the Spaniard experienced several issues with his visor that prevented him from keeping his pace. To control the situation, he lost some positions and made the most until the end. The rider crossed the line 9th, grabbing points for the championship.

Alex Rins 9th
“It’s been a shame because we felt good. I’ve had a problem with the visor of the helmet. At some point, I started to lose visibility and couldn’t see properly, which made me lose some positions. We still need to improve in the braking and traction areas, but we’d done a step forward compared to yesterday, and today we could’ve done a good job.”